Sweet and Green!

Shamrock Sugar Cookies by Posh Cookies

St. Patrick's Day Sugar Cookie Assortment by Frosted Bakery

Since St. Patty’s is approaching quickly, bakeries are starting to bake up shamrocks and pot o’ gold cookies to celebrate.   The assortment of sugar cookies in the picture below was purchased at “FROSTED BAKERY”. The picture to the right are of cookies purchased at “POSH COOKIES”. Both are local bakeries in my area. I had to take these pictures quickly before the kids came home from school. Needless to say, there’s only one cookie left in the house! Be sure to check out your local mom and pop bakeries to see what they have for St. Patty’s! I usually bake some shamrock shaped sugar cookies every year, but I’m going to bake cupcakes instead. Will be posting soon!


Unorganized recipes?

My Tastebook!

How many favorite recipes do you have? How many different cook books do you have to pull out to find all of them? My problem was that my faves were scattered in different books, print outs and on index cards.

My husband actually came across this really cool site that helps you organize your recipes. So I tried it out and its awesome!

Visit http://www.tastebook.com
You can add up to 100 recipes in one book. You can choose a cover, upload your own pictures for your recipes, share your recipes with your friends and family and buy gift certificates. You can upload recipes from recipe websites as well.

I uploaded all of my favorites for the holidays. It took me a few nights to complete it, but it was well worth it. You can also order copies of it if you wanted to give it as a gift.

I highly recommend this site!

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Greet the girls with green!

St. Patrick's Day greetings

Staying in contact with our friends is important. We can easily go under the radar and not be heard of or seen for weeks. St. Patrick’s Day can be an excuse to

send out a greeting to your friends. Whether or not they celebrate it or not, it just says “Hi there!”. They’ll appreciate hearing from you, even if its not a call or an email. In this age of social networks, we need to remember that we’re more than just a picture on a screen. Stay in touch! A handwritten card shows you took the time to remember them.

I always like to use stickers and stamps on my cards. Here’s an example of what I’ve done with my St. Patrick’s Day cards. You can find these cards in packs of 8.

Everything’s Gone Green!

Double cupcake wrapper

March is here! If you’re in a part of the country where the winter is over, then its time to get the garden gloves out and start getting your garden cleaned up. Its been gorgeous here in SE Texas.  Don’t toss out the junk mail yet! There may be a circular for your local garden center. Its a great time to save on your spring plantings.

So while I’ve been planting some flowers here and there, I’m still working on St .Patty’s decorations inside my house. I’m planning on baking up some St. Patty’s Day cupcakes for the kids on my street. I’ve managed to find shamrock sprinkles at Hobby Lobby and shamrock cupcake papers on Amazon. Still waiting for the shipment to get here.

I’ve been seeing cupcake wrappers on just about every blog that talks about cupcakes. I looked them up online and they’re quite pricey for “laser cut” cupcake wrappers. They run about 75cents each. Minimum orders are typically 50count. Too many and too much!

So I went onto Etsy.com and saw some people selling hand crafted cupcake wrappers. They’re selling for less. Most are made to order. So then I found a blog that had a free download for a template and it showed you had to create your own.

So I made some by using wavy scissors instead of a design puncher, but I really liked the look of the design punchers better. Off to Hobby Lobby I went to get a puncher. I love it! How could of I’ve been without one? I ordered a “Bat” lace design puncher online for Halloween. They don’t have the Halloween punchers in stock at Hobby Lobby right now. It’ll be used for my friend’s big Halloween bash in October.

Crafting supplies can get pricey, but if you purchase an item that has many uses, then its worth buying something like a puncher. It can be used for so many different projects. So $10-$13 pays off. Don’t be stingy! Let your friends borrow it!

All I used for these were: Template, wavy scissors, scrap book paper, double sided tape, design puncher, shamrock stamp and ink pad.

First, trace the template on the paper of your choice. You can use just about any kind of paper as long as its easy to work with and sturdy. You can fit about 5 cupcake wrappers on a 12×12 sheet of scrap book paper. Cut out the wrappers. Use wavy scissors or a puncher on the top edge of the wrapper. You can use a stamp or other kind of embellishments at this time. Use double sided table to hold the sides together to make the cup shape. Cupcakes should still be baked in a regular cupcake paper or foil cup. Decorate them before putting them in the wrappers. Get as creative as you want with these!

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Going “Vintage” for St. Patty’s Day decor, without breaking the bank


I’ve been going “vintage” with my holiday decor for a few years now. First, I was just starting a vintage looking tree in our living room, but I’ve been starting to collect some vintage looking decor for Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s, Easter and Halloween. Its really hard to find “vintage” looking St. Patrick’s Day items at stores. I always see the same stuff year after year. It’s always gaudy “bar wear”. Light up shamrocks, “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirts, paper cut out shamrocks and those plastic green hats. I purchased some paper shamrock doilies from Amazon.com. I couldn’t find any in the stores.

I’ve found some really cute “vintage” looking items at Hobby Lobby, on Ebay.com and Etsy.com

St. Patrick’s Day Printables were purchased on Etsy.com.  Store owner “LoveCreationalGal”

St. Patrick’s Day Candy Cones were purchased on Etsy.com. Store owner “RuralManhattan”

St. Patrick’s Day Green Plaque was purchased on Etsy.com. Store owner “Erinjt”

Both St. Patrick’s Day PostCards were purchased on Ebay.com. Store owner “Evergreenfarmantique

Shamrock “Shannon” plate was purchased on Ebay.com. Store owner “Ladybugborro2004”

Check out my finds!

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Water & ice refrigerator grate cleaning tip

How many times do you say to yourself , “I need to clean that grate!”? But you end up getting your water or ice and soon forget about it, till the next time you see the calcification and mineral deposit build up. Time passes and it becomes unsightly!

I’ve tried Soft Scrub, Magic Eraser and many other products. I kept forgetting to get the Kaboom out of my bathroom to see if that worked.  So finally, I washed it with just regular dish soap with hot water and let it sit in soapy water for about 15minutes. I rinsed it off and poured white vinegar on it. I let it soak for about 15-20minutes. I used an old toothbrush to scrub it clean. Rinse well. This really works! This also works for stubborn calcification around your faucets. Take paper towels and place them around the faucet fixture, not leaving any of the surrounding area exposed. Soak the paper towels with white vinegar. Let it soak for about 45mins to 1hour. Rinse well!

Non toxic, fast and inexpensive!

Refrigerator grate

March is almost here, time to go GREEN!

Turning a St. Valentine's Day bouquet into a St. Patty's Day arrangement

So the Arctic blasts are over…so we hope. Here in SE Texas, it feels like Spring. Valentine’s Day is over and the decor is packed away. The grass is an ugly shade of green, but clover is emerging everywhere. You can brighten up the inside of your home with touches of green. Who cares if you’re not Irish! Have some fun with it! St. Patrick’s Day is a light hearted holiday that can be as fun as you want it to be. For some it’s a day you feel more in touch with you Irish heritage,  a religious connection or its just a social event.  Whatever the reason may be, put a little green in your home!

I don’t have a lot of surfaces to decorate, so I recently purchased a small buffet for my breakfast area. It works perfectly for holiday decor. So I purchased cute fabric shamrock doilies from http://www.Terrysvillage.com.


You don’t have to go nuts with it. Its hard to find St. Patrick’s Day decor that isn’t “party related”. I spotted a reversible table runner on http://www.Terrysvillage.com.  One side has shamrocks and the other side has hearts for Valentine’s Day.


I found some cute St. Patrick’s Day salt and pepper shakers and another shamrock table runner, but its different shades of shamrocks sewn together on http://www.lillianvernon.com.



Try Etsy.com for unique handmade and vintage St. Patrick’s Day decor. They have some really neat stuff you will not find in chain stores.

I do send St. Patrick’s Day cards to my friends. I buy a pack of them and use shamrock stickers to seal the envelopes. Not that all of my friends celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but its communication. Lets them know “Hey, I’m thinking of ya, let’s get together soon!”.  March can be a boring month, with the exception of Spring Break. Sometimes we have Easter in March, but this year its in April again. If anything, it stimulates the creativity in all of us.

Most people use Easter as a benchmark for the beginning of Spring, but I like to kick it off with St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ve turned my Valentine’s Day flowers into a St. Patty’s Day centerpiece. I just switched out the lavender ribbon it came with to a shamrock ribbon I had already. I added the doilies, a mug and a dish. I’ll be adding more!

Bring in some fresh flowers to brighten up the house. Mix it in with some St. Patrick’s Day decor. You’ll get the sense of  Spring being around the corner!

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