Everything’s Gone Green!

Double cupcake wrapper

March is here! If you’re in a part of the country where the winter is over, then its time to get the garden gloves out and start getting your garden cleaned up. Its been gorgeous here in SE Texas.  Don’t toss out the junk mail yet! There may be a circular for your local garden center. Its a great time to save on your spring plantings.

So while I’ve been planting some flowers here and there, I’m still working on St .Patty’s decorations inside my house. I’m planning on baking up some St. Patty’s Day cupcakes for the kids on my street. I’ve managed to find shamrock sprinkles at Hobby Lobby and shamrock cupcake papers on Amazon. Still waiting for the shipment to get here.

I’ve been seeing cupcake wrappers on just about every blog that talks about cupcakes. I looked them up online and they’re quite pricey for “laser cut” cupcake wrappers. They run about 75cents each. Minimum orders are typically 50count. Too many and too much!

So I went onto Etsy.com and saw some people selling hand crafted cupcake wrappers. They’re selling for less. Most are made to order. So then I found a blog that had a free download for a template and it showed you had to create your own.

So I made some by using wavy scissors instead of a design puncher, but I really liked the look of the design punchers better. Off to Hobby Lobby I went to get a puncher. I love it! How could of I’ve been without one? I ordered a “Bat” lace design puncher online for Halloween. They don’t have the Halloween punchers in stock at Hobby Lobby right now. It’ll be used for my friend’s big Halloween bash in October.

Crafting supplies can get pricey, but if you purchase an item that has many uses, then its worth buying something like a puncher. It can be used for so many different projects. So $10-$13 pays off. Don’t be stingy! Let your friends borrow it!

All I used for these were: Template, wavy scissors, scrap book paper, double sided tape, design puncher, shamrock stamp and ink pad.

First, trace the template on the paper of your choice. You can use just about any kind of paper as long as its easy to work with and sturdy. You can fit about 5 cupcake wrappers on a 12×12 sheet of scrap book paper. Cut out the wrappers. Use wavy scissors or a puncher on the top edge of the wrapper. You can use a stamp or other kind of embellishments at this time. Use double sided table to hold the sides together to make the cup shape. Cupcakes should still be baked in a regular cupcake paper or foil cup. Decorate them before putting them in the wrappers. Get as creative as you want with these!

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Keep your eyes open for Valentine’s Day 2012!

So you’re over Valentine’s Day, right? You don’t want to see any red and pink till next year. Don’t pack it all up just yet! Right now is the best time to get Valentine’s decor and gifts for next year. Store clearance Valentine’s Day items February 15th of every year. It usually starts off at 50% off, but in a few days, it’ll go down further.

Now’s the time to get boxes of Valentine’s day cards for the kid’s classmates. Little Valentine’s Day goodies, like pencils, erasers and other non perishables will be super cheap. If you have more than one kid in school, saving money on this stuff counts.  Estimate how many teachers your child will have the next year and get them their Valentine’s gifts.

I found Valentine’s day table clothes on sale at Walmart for $1.50!  They’re  thick vinyl, so they’re perfect for the kids to decorate cup cakes on or make crafts. I even picked one up for our babysitter who really wants to decorate for every holiday in her new house.

Right now is a great time to pick up Valentine’s Day cup cake papers, sprinkles and goody bags. I also found ribbon for a $1.

Avoid this type of shopping turning into “clutter”. I recommend getting a plastic bin to keep all of your Valentine’s Day decorations in. Before you put it away, add your clearance items to it. That way its all in one place so when you go to it next year, you’ll have everything in one spot. You won’t forget what you have and purchase more of the same items.

So often people just take down holiday decorations and throw it into a closet with the intentions of putting it away. Then time passes and it’s still there. Before you know it, you have a monster in your closet. Have the box for decor handy, so when you’re about to pack it all up, its not hard to get to. Make sure to pack breakables in bubble wrap or tissue. Label the box with a permanent marker or label maker. I like to purchase boxes that are the color of the holiday. Boxes like these have inserts for a card label.


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