Sweet and Green!

Shamrock Sugar Cookies by Posh Cookies

St. Patrick's Day Sugar Cookie Assortment by Frosted Bakery

Since St. Patty’s is approaching quickly, bakeries are starting to bake up shamrocks and pot o’ gold cookies to celebrate.   The assortment of sugar cookies in the picture below was purchased at “FROSTED BAKERY”. The picture to the right are of cookies purchased at “POSH COOKIES”. Both are local bakeries in my area. I had to take these pictures quickly before the kids came home from school. Needless to say, there’s only one cookie left in the house! Be sure to check out your local mom and pop bakeries to see what they have for St. Patty’s! I usually bake some shamrock shaped sugar cookies every year, but I’m going to bake cupcakes instead. Will be posting soon!