The gift supply monster among us.

Now that Christmas and Valentine’s Day is over, it was now a good time for me to get the rolls of ribbon, gift bags and wrap in order.  My collection of Christmas gift wrap had outgrown the upright Rubbermaid container it was in. So I ordered a really neat gift wrap duffel from  I wanted it separate from my other non-Christmas wrapping paper. I have others in a separate storage container under my bed.  The upright container was in my master closet and it was time to find a new home for it.

I had always kept my Christmas gift bags separate from the rest of the occasions, but what was making everything unorganized were the rolls of Christmas ribbon, gift tags and bows. Since my box of Christmas bags is full, I bought a Red and Green craft supply box to hold all those loose ends. Scissors, tape, large rolls of Christmas ribbon, pre-made bows and gift tags are all in one place. This really helps my husband when he’s wrapping my gifts the night before Christmas. Ok, so Christmas is squared away and I won’t have to look at it till December.

My biggest issue was TISSUE PAPER! How is it that tissue paper becomes a monster so quickly? I did have all the Christmas tissue in the Christmas gift bag box, so I always knew how much of it I had…so I thought!

How many times have we purchased more red,white and green tissue paper, only to find more as we’re stuffing bags? Plenty of times here! I clearly was unorganized with the Christmas colored paper and spent more money than I should have. Lesson learned.

So that leaves the rest of the tissue paper which I had mixed into my gift bag box.  I pulled it all out and threw it into a bag until I knew what to do with it. I always ran out and bought more tissue thinking I didn’t have enough or the right color. One kiddo is at school and the baby is asleep, time to get that job done!

I had an extra Sterlite box perfect for tissue paper. I did have to fold the tissue in half, no big deal. I flattened each sheet out. I didn’t realize how many colors I had and how much! I even found Valentine’s paper that I could of used this month.

I ordered a ribbon organizer from I like it a lot and I just placed an order for another one. These are for ribbon other than Christmas.

You can try this 2 ways. Either put all of your prints together or coordinate the prints with the solids. I had more solids than prints, so I decided to keep my solids together. I first folded up all the white paper. Now that I know exactly how much I have, I won’t buy more next time I need to stuff a gift bag. Then I used the rainbow color scheme as to how I wanted to place the solids. I started with black, then 2 shades of purple, 2 shades of blue, green, orange, yellow, 2 shades of pink and 2 shades of red. Then I flattened and folded all of the prints and place them on top.

I do like to have a variety of colors on hand, so now that I can see what I have I know not to get the same colors. Some of this paper was used and in good condition and the rest was still in the plastic packaging. I emptied all of the packages and flattened them out. I wanted to see exactly how much I had of each color.

Now I know I have more black and white tissue paper than any other color in the box. I need to beef up on my greens, yellows and pinks. Maybe even throw in some wedding printed tissue in there as well.

I also like to keep different occasions in wrapping paper on hand. Baby shower, boy and girl birthday, sophisticated prints, wedding, Valentine’s Day and Easter on hand.

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Where do your shoes live?

Imelda Marcos, I’m not. Nor do I have a big shoe fetish, but I know many who do!

Shoes multiply quickly and sometimes end up everywhere but where they should be.

Where do your shoes live?

Under the bed being accompanied by dust bunnies and Christmas wrap?

On the floor board of your car, getting stepped on by your kids?

In a pile by the backdoor, front door or mud room?

Missing its mate under clutter on your closet floor?

Hanging for dear life on a non functional shoe tree that always falls over?

If you checked off any of these scenarios, then maybe its time to try something new.

We all have shoes we don’t wear all the time, like formal/evening wear shoes and boots. I’ve found a great product to be able to store them away and create more space in your closet.

These are awesome shoe boxes! I’ve been able to recover 2ft of shelf space on the shelf above my dowel rod. You can stack them one on top of the other to save space. These boxes are clear so you can see your shoes. Easy to assemble. I used one to store my clutches too. I plan on ordering more of these!

Got boots? Check these out.

If you’ve got the money and the room, here’s the mother of all shoe cubbies!

But before you place your order, you’ll need to see how many boxes you need. I would start by doing a clean out of old shoes. If you didn’t wear those sandals last summer, out they go! Donate them! If you didn’t wear those boots at all last Winter, let them warm up someone else’s feet. Find a donation center near by or call up one that does pick ups. Don’t keep shoes just because you once loved them. If you really don’t have any use for them, move on. Make room for some new shoes!

Shoe storage